Looking for the perfect location to host your next corporate event? Look no further than Wembley Park – an area that has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade.

“Come for the spaces, stay for the vibe” is the new mantra as Wembley Park emerges as a thriving destination for both tourists and event planners alike.

Unveiling the Transformation: A Thriving Hub for Event Planners

In the past, Wembley Park may have been seen as a building site with limited appeal. However, with £3 billion in investment by developers Quintain, the area has been completely revitalized into a mini metropolis. Boasting 5,000 homes, a shopping district, offices, and vibrant public spaces, Wembley Park has become a bustling hub that attracts tourists from all corners of the globe.

An ideal location for hosting events of all sizes

Event planners have taken notice of this transformation and are now finding Wembley Park an ideal location for hosting events of all sizes. With 26,000 square meters of event space, 1,400 hotel rooms, and a delegate capacity of 20,500, Wembley Park offers the perfect setting for symposiums, exhibitions, brand activations, award ceremonies, and more.

Seamless Accessibility: Simplifying Corporate Event Hosting at Wembley Park

One of the area’s main appeals is its accessibility. Located just nine minutes from Central London, Wembley Park is well-connected with two underground stations, Wembley Park and Wembley Central, providing easy access to the area. It is also easily reachable from major airports and offers ample parking spaces. Once on the ground, attendees can explore the pedestrian walkways that connect all major venues, hotels, and community areas.

Wembley Park: Where Vibrancy Meets Event Perfection

Wembley Park’s vibrant atmosphere also sets it apart. With a diverse range of food and beverage outlets, including 24 options in BOXPARK alone and 70 retailers in the London Designer Outlet, attendees can savor local delights and enjoy the green spaces and parks surrounding the area.

Ensuring a Secure Corporate Event Experience

Safety and event management are top priorities at Wembley Park. The area’s expertise in event planning ensures that delegates can enjoy a worry-free experience, while digital media offers unparalleled branding opportunities for corporate events.

Revitalized and Ready: Why Event Planners Choose Wembley Park

To showcase the transformation, AbleMaxx invited 75 event planners to a showcase event in December 2022, and the response has been overwhelming. Destination Wembley has been organizing site visits for more event planners to experience firsthand how Wembley Park has developed into a vibrant and accessible destination.

So, if you’re planning your next corporate event, consider Wembley Park as your go-to location. With its diverse event spaces, easy accessibility, and lively atmosphere, it promises an unforgettable experience for both you and your delegates. Plan your event at Wembley Park and enjoy the vibe of this thriving metropolis.

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